SimpleDocs as documentation viewer

Checking the documentation is part of the daily life of any developer. With SimpleDocs you will save time with a very intuitive and accessible interface.

Docset Navigation

¡No te pierdas! En SimpleDocs el contenido de cada Docset se despliega por separado, y abrir varios al mismo tiempo no será un problema gracias a su interfaz basada en pestañas.

Docset Management

Don't get lost! In SimpleDocs the content of each Docset is displayed separately, and opening several at the same time will not be a problem thanks to its tab-based interface.


Search through your entire collection or within a particular Docset. You can also filter your search to one type of element (classes, variables, functions...) and even combine several search criteria.

Download now Version 1.0.0 (Alpha)

Compatible with Windows® 8.1 and 10 (only 64 bits)